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About Colly Creek Pastoral Company

All Angus steaks and beef selections on our menus at the Willow Tree Inn come from cattle born and raised on the pastures of Colly Creek Pastoral Company, also at Willow Tree, NSW.

Colly Creek was purchased by our company in mid-2005 and comprises a total of over 6,000 acres of prime breeding and fattening country, bounded by the New England and Kamilaroi Highways at Willow Tree. The Colly Creek aggregation includes approximately 2,000 acres, known as “Plain View” on the Merriwa Road, 3kms west of Willow Tree. This property benefits from four large grain silos and a 600-head feedlot, which allows us to finish our pasture fed cattle on local Barley and Triticale grown by our company on the Liverpool Plains, together with Oaten Hay.

Colly Creek, runs approximately 2,000 head of Black Angus cattle, from which we choose the 25 best steers each month exclusively for Graze Restaurant.

The Black Angus cattle born and raised on the beautiful pastures of Colly Creek have excellent marble score, tenderness, and flavour.

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Manager Colly Creek Pastoral Company – Willow Tree

Joining Colly Creek Pastoral Company in January 2021, Nick and Leonie are passionate about breeding top quality Angus cattle. Both Nick and Leonie come from strong family-based Stud Cattle backgrounds which firmly established their love of beef cattle and the land.

After many years in the stud cattle industry, with a firm focus on breeding quiet cattle of a high standard and attaining an excellent performance record, they decided to put their extensive knowledge and experience into the management of a large commercial based Angus enterprise based in the North West of NSW.

They have a meticulous manner in looking after the land and a focus on pasture improvement and water infrastructure to ensure stock have the best opportunity to perform to their highest ability. Paramount to this is Nick and Leonie’s dedication to low stress stock handling by utilising their love of stock horses and working dogs to undertake all stockwork.

The move to Colly Creek with their two children has enabled them to pursue their love of the land and beef cattle by continuing to breed high quality Angus cattle with the added advantage to see them perform from paddock to plate.

Roger Barnett Colly Creek

Roger Barnett

Roger is the longest serving member of our Colly Creek team, having lived and worked on the property since 1988.

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